Mussels cooking over open fire

Amelia Island Cookout

Meet and mingle with extraordinary chefs as they take their best work out of the kitchen and bring it outdoors for a cookout. With an unforgettable backdrop of dunes and ocean, enjoy sizzling seafood and grilled and slow-roasted meats and other creations prepared by national chefs as well as local favorites including David’s, España, Matthew’s and The Omni. Dylan Benoit of Fire Masters emcees as guests enjoy the extraordinary culinary presentations accompanied by abundant wine and cocktails, desserts and entertainment.

Saturday, October 21 | 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.  | Oceanfront Lawn

Okan Kizilbayir, Salt

Chef Okan Kizilbayir

Lee Jones, Chef’s Garden

Chef Lee Jones
Chef’s Garden

Dylan Benoit, Firemasters Host

Dylan Benoit
Firemasters Host

Tank Jackson, Holy City Hogs

Tank Jackson
Holy City Hogs

Matthew Medure, Matthew’s

Chef Matthew Medure

Roberto Pestana, España

Chef Roberto Pestana

Omar Collazo, The Omni

Chef Omar Collazo
The Omni

Paul Da Silva, Burlock Coast

Chef Paul Da Silva
Burlock Coast

Sean Blanchette, Live Oak

Chef Sean Blanchette
The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

Adrienne Grenier, Burlock Coast

Chef Adrienne Grenier
Burlock Coast

Simon Crompton, Mixologist and Owner of Door No.4

Simon Crompton, Mixologist
Owner of Door No. 4

Jean-Pierre Belonni, Burlock Coast

Jean-Pierre Belonni, Mixologist
The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

Manuel Gutierrez, Wyld

Chef Manuel Gutierrez

David Echeverry, David's

Chef David Echeverry

Nathalie Wu, Wicked Bao

Nathalie Wu
Wicked Bao